Bank of Singapore Lunar New Year 2023 Red Packet – ‘Living Jewel’

"I hope people can see my abilities and not my disabilities."

Client: Bank of Singapore
Services: Concept, Video Production

“I hope people can see my abilities and not my disabilities.”

This Lunar New Year 2023, Bank of Singapore worked with ART:DIS, a leading charity dedicated to persons with disabilities in the arts, to design their red packet.

The main character in this film is Noah, an artist with autism. We wanted the film to showcase his love for art and also what his design encapsulates.

Life is Art.

We wanted our film to be artistic of course. An artist alone in his studio working hard, with extreme closeups to see what his tools are creating and how focus his eyes are. We intercut this with extreme closeups of the finished red packet, teasing the viewer bit by bit of how the process attributes to the final work. And voila, the final artwork is shown along with it on the red packet in the end scene.