NTUC Clubhouse @ SingPost

Everything, everywhere all at once.

Client: NTUC Club
Website: ntucclub.com
Services: Concept, Photography, Video Production

Everything, everywhere all at once.

Nothing to do with the movie (which was amazing) but we felt that that was what the newly launched NTUC Clubhouse at SingPost Centre is in a nutshell.

There’s a function room, jackpot room, pool tables, darts machines, sushi bar and izakaya! With this much stuff, NTUC Club wanted a way to show how you could do all these in a day (if you’re that free).

Making it young (and fun).

Most Singaporeans know NTUC Club Clubhouse as the place with jackpot rooms for uncles and aunties. NTUC Club recognised that and our job was to deliver a visual narrative that would change the stereotype. We created a film that features a young dad spending his day at the Clubhouse with different groups of people, doing different activities.

Visuals is key.

We made sure we had a cohesive look to our visuals. Key visuals was shot alongside the video to ensure the same treatment. As people walked towards SingPost Centre, they are greeted by our video on the big screen outside and as they enter the building, they are yet again greeted by our photos affixed on the glass railings.